Two females playing arcade games in Netherworld

Where to have a retro night out in the Valley

Are you ready to go back in time? You don’t need Doc’s DeLorean or Bill and Ted’s phone booth to embark on an excellent historic adventure in Fortitude Valley. 

Named after the ship that brought Scottish immigrants to Brisbane in 1849, Fortitude Valley boasts a wealth of authentic historical treasures. Among them, you’ll find doorways to decades passed where old-world charm rubs shoulders with contemporary culture in an alluring tangle of timelines.

If you’re looking to wind back the clock, here are our selections for enjoying a retro night out in the Valley when your flux capacitor is on the fritz. 

The 1920s: Prohibition

The bee’s knees for high-class 1920s-style shenanigans, Prohibition channels the spirit of a bygone era and embraces the legacy of the speakeasy. Get your Gatsby on and descend the grand stairway into a secret world steeped in early 20th-century glitz and glamour. Enjoy a classic cocktail or mobster’s martini in the Art Deco-inspired ambience of Prohibition’s detailed venue spaces. Gather the gang, book a VIP booth package and make it an evening history won’t soon forget.

The 1970s: Netherworld

Break open the piggy bank and gather your coins for retro arcade gaming at Netherworld, featuring forgotten classics from the ‘70s through to current faves. Relive your days as a pinball wizard with 15 tables, rediscover a childhood favourite among 25 stand-up arcade machines, challenge your friends to a console war and reign supreme over the countless board games on offer. The bar boasts 24 taps of local beer, cider and mixed elixirs while the diner serves up an otherworldly selection of food. Game on!

The 1980s: Blute’s Bar

Capturing the essence of quintessential Australian pubs from the 1980s, Blute’s Bar on Brunswick Street Mall is a welcoming respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Blute’s is a party pub at heart featuring karaoke and some of Brisbane’s best fried chicken, courtesy of Lucky Egg. It’s a place to enjoy a drink and some lively banter, where everybody knows your name. When the weight of the world has got you down, say “cheers” to good friends and good times under the neon signs at Blute’s.

The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s: Retro’s Cocktail Lounge 

Bringing back the halcyon days of breakdancing, boy bands and Britney, Retro’s Cocktail Lounge on Brunswick Street is always kicking it old-skool, spinning hits from the 1980s through to the 2000s. Open until late Thursday to Sunday, Retro’s is a delightful throwback to the clubbing days of your youth, complete with glittering disco ball and fishbowl cocktails. Retro’s also offers exclusive areas with custom seating, personal hosts, VIP booths and a disco-inspired dancefloor, making it perfect for any occasion. There’s no time like the present to indulge in a nostalgic slice of the past at Retro’s Cocktail Lounge. 


- February 2022