Event Ended Moon Festival – COMING SOON - SEPTEMBER 2024
One of the most auspicious dates on the Asian calendars, the Moon Festival (or Mooncake Festival), occurs on the date when the moon is at its fullest.
Tea ceremony parade

Dot the eyes, so that the lion can see. Dot the nose so that it can smell. Dot the mouth so that the lion can eat and dot the ears so that they can hear the beat of the drum!

The awakening of the lion through the Eye Dotting ceremony is just the start of the colour and fun that is the Moon Festival, a traditional and important date on the Chinese calendar that is celebrated when the moon is at its fullest. This is a time to gather your friends and family, eat mooncakes and experience a fantastic night out.  

Book your favourite Asian dining spot and settle in for some amazing flavours and vibrant entertainment! You’ll experience traditional lion dances, Korean dance performances, Japanese drumming and roving acts in one of the Valley’s largest cultural celebrations, with the action taking place in Brunswick Street Mall, Chinatown Mall and throughout other Valley locations including Bakery Lane and Wickham Street. 

Alongside Chinese New Year, this is one of the oldest and most important dates in Chinese culture and we’ve put together all the ways you can celebrate on the night! 

moon cakes
Lion dance
Grandma Yen comedy performance
lion dance
Lion dance in Chinatown Mall