My Valley Events Calendar Listing Criteria and Guide

The MyValley website is provided by Brisbane City Council as a free service for local, national and international visitors seeking leisure options in Fortitude Valley. Council reserves the right to reject any event that is regarded as outside of that criteria or inappropriate, based on the following general guidelines:

  • the event must be open to the public in large numbers or be presented through an established retail, entertainment or leisure industry venue
  • the event must be located within the Fortitude Valley precinct area. Council is committed to supporting the continued growth of the Fortitude Valley via working with traders to create a vibrant, activated precinct. If your business is located outside the MyValley Precinct Area, please contact for further information
  • the event listing cannot be for a small, commercial-based client event or for purposes outside of visitation, leisure and tourism. This includes small corporate events designed purely to drive new business
  • the event must have a specific start and finish date OR be a regular occurrence at set dates and times
  • the event must be at a set location that visitors can attend – state-wide or national events such as Red Nose Day are not accepted
  • the event must be open and relevant to a general audience, and not specific to business, leaders or professionals
  • the event listing cannot be a public invitation to a small gathering in a private residence
  • the event listing cannot simply be a venue or location. An event listing must be an activity within a venue or location e.g. Chinatown Mall is not an event, but  Lunar New Year in Chinatown Mall is an event
  • if a cost is associated with the event it must be included in the event description
  • the event must not be a business as usual event (e.g. weekly meal deals or sales etc.) If you would like to advertise a special deal or sale, contact the Valley Malls management team
  • the event listing must not be an advertisement for a business or just the opening hours of a business
  • the event listing must not be a promotion of a competition or nominations for an upcoming event
  • the event listing should be no more than 200 words
  • events may be excluded from the Events Calendar at the sole discretion of Brisbane City Council’s Valley Malls Management team.

Listing guide

To enter an event into the calendar, fill out the events submission form. Use Trumba help if you require any further information on using the form. Council will assess the event against the Listing Criteria and the Terms and Conditions within five working days.

Altering or cancelling an event

Events cannot be altered once they have been placed in the calendar. If you need to make changes or would like to cancel your event, contact

Event image requirements

  • Images are to contain no words, logos or graphics
  • Under 200kb 
  • image size: 1290 x 775px

By uploading your image(s), you consent to MyValley and Brisbane City Council using and publishing the requested content (including talent and location usage) for national and international applications for an indefinite period, without payment of any fee. Your approval also confirms that you are the copyright holder with authority to allow third parties to use the requested content. The requested content will only be used for the promotion of Fortitude Valley and will not be used for any other purpose without prior permission.

Despite this, you acknowledge that Brisbane City Council is not responsible, or liable to you, for any use of the content by third parties accessing and using Brisbane City Council’s MyValley website or social media channels. This includes purposes such as advertisements, social media, brochures, websites, PR and other marketing associated purposes.

MyValley precinct area

Download precinct map as a PDF for offline viewing.