If you want to get your Christopher Columbus on this weekend and explore your own backyard, look no further than the Valley…if only the walls could talk! With a rich history and diverse culture, we’ve all heard the torrid tales – but did you also know the vital role the Valley played as a commercial and retail hub in Brisbane’s early days? If not, we highly recommend you try out the Vibrant Valley Heritage Trail, which takes you on a trail of discovery to 20 of the city’s lesser-known historical and cultural sites.

The trail begins at the former Post Office on Ann Street, and then continues down Chinatown Mall, Centenary Place and Wickham Street. From Wickham Street, you walk along the western section of Brunswick Street, back to Wickham Street and end the walk in Warner Street.

A mix of old retail department stores, churches, schools, hotels, public buildings and sites of tragedies, this trail is full of interesting historic facts.

So if you want to impress your friends next time you play trivia or ‘Monopoly’ (the Brisbane edition, of course), get yourself down to the Valley this weekend and find out what made Brisbane the city it is today.

Visit Brisbane City Council’s website for more information or to download the full brochure.