Whether Mum’s come to town or it’s a friend from overseas, it’s safe to say that the Valley’s bright lights and great sights should be on every visitor’s bucket list! 

With a seemingly endless array of dining, shopping, and events, why not show your visiting family and friends all the great experiences the Valley has to offer?

Pick up souvenirs at Bonnie Hislop

Skip the magnets and get your guest a souvenir they’ll actually want to take home! Bonnie Hislop’s beautiful and unique range of ceramics has the perfect selection of knick-knacks for your visitor to remember Brisbane by. 

See a gig at The Fortitude Music Hall

If you want friends and family singing your praises, look no further than tickets to a gig at The Fortitude Music Hall! Hosting everything from big concerts by international artists to intimate performances with local bands, this is one Valley experience that is guaranteed to impress. 

Yum cha at King of Kings

Feast on bite-sized meals and dumplings galore during a King of Kings yum cha service! From 12pm to 3pm, enjoy trolleys of deliciousness at the staple Valley restaurant that every tourist would love to see.

Impromptu photoshoots on California, Winn, and Bakery Lane

Move aside, Melbourne—Brisbane is full of great streetscapes, with the Valley’s California, Winn, and Bakery Lanes housing some of the city’s best! Take a camera to the Urban Gallery in Bakery Lane, or the flamingo-filled California Lane and snap away!

Eat Brisbane’s best burgers at Ben’s

With a name like Win(n) Lane, no wonder locals are always praising Ben’s as the best burgers city-wide! Head on in to chow down on their deluxe cheesy beef burger or classic cheeseburger with pickles on top. 

Sip cocktails at Altitude Bar

Treat your visiting buddies to a tall-glass cocktail above the clouds at Altitude Bar! Head above the crowds to the sixth floor at the FV by Peppers hotel, and show your guests the Valley’s best views with a popcorn espresso martini in hand.

Who else is ready to take-off?