Eating is never cheating, so line your stomach at our favourite BYO restaurants in Fortitude Valley.

The Vietnamese

There are few things better than steaming bowls of healing rare beef pho from Valley icon, The Vietnamese. Pick up a bottle of Riesling from The Wine Shop on your way, grab a corner table and you’ll be ready to boogie in no time.

Thai Wi Rat

Piles of Pad Thai, mountains of Massaman beef curry and tonnes of steamin’ hot Tom Yum – it can only be Thai Wi Rat. Located conveniently in the Brunswick Street Mall, (hello stone’s throw from Black Bear Lodge and the Foundry!) you’ll need to resist the urge fill to up on too many spring rolls and fish cakes before your curry arrives – trust us.


If you want to bring a whole ‘lotta class to your pre-game, head up Brunswick Street for bowls of authentic Italian from Giardinetto. This vibrant eatery is the perfect place to cosy up and admire art covered walls, over bottles of wine, spaghetti marinara and fresh mushroom risotto. After all, carbs = energy for dancing!

Super Bowl

With the closing of Cyber City (vale), Super Bowl is one of the few OG places still kicking around the Valley. Assemble the troops and descend on this Chinatown restaurant armed with bottles of Chardonnay and hungry bellies. Order up big on special fried rice, steamed Chinese greens and Mapo tofu and spin the lazy Susan to get your fill.

Fat Dumpling

We’ve got dumpling to tell you and you’re going to like it – Fat Dumpling is BYO wine baby! Stuff your face with steamed pork and cabbage dumplings, shallot pancakes and sweet sauce braised pork belly. Add a serve of chilli and garlic green beans and cold cucumber salad to get your two and five alongside your favourite bottle of wine.


The booths make it feel like fine dining but the touch screens and BYO make this adorably authentic Japanese eatery an absolute treat. Resist the urge to press every button at once and get your hands on sashimi, Suki Yaki, rich ramen and grilled skewers. There are also karaoke rooms just BEGGING for you to embarrass yourself in.

Gather your friends, sort out your timetable and eat up, it’s going to be four tasty nights!