It’s raining ramen in Fortitude Valley, and we are ready to noodle all over the place! 

Whether you’re a sucker for good broth, a juicy slice of pork, or love every last ingredient found in this beloved noodle soup, we’re here to lead you to Brisbane’s best ramen with these four Valley venues.

Spoons at the ready! 

Tatsu Ramen Gyoza Bar

Upholding their rep for revolutionary ramen, Tatsu offers eight different flavour combinations with something for every carnivore, herbivore and give-me-more in your life. We’ve set our sights on the tonkotsu ramen, being the perfect mix of pork belly, shallot, seaweed, boiled egg, bean sprouts and sesame seeds. Tatsu gud. 


Being bowled over by Wagaya’s ramen is a given. Enter Chinatown Mall’s Japanese feasting house and get stuck into soy tonkotsu, tantan miso, kimchi, scallops with miso butter and more ramen varieties for the ultimate flavour hit! 

Beirne Lane 

One ramen to rule them all. Beirne Lane’s all-inclusive menu nurtures an offering of tonkotsu ramen with soy marinated egg, char siu pork and pickles - and you won’t be disappointed. 

Nom Nom Korean 

Drink in all the glory of Nom Nom Korean’s pork ramen, complete with egg noodles, thinly sliced pork and egg in a perfectly balanced pork broth. Less is more delicious. 

It’s time to put that packet of two-minute noodles down and get to Fortitude Valley for ridiculously good ramen!