After a long day of crunching numbers and surviving meetings that could’ve been packed into an email (or a long day off with three naps worked in), the last thing you want to do is slave away over the stove. 

Instead of throwing another frozen lasagne in the microwave, we’d suggest heading to any one of the following Fortitude Valley favourites for a range of weeknight dining deals and specials! 

The Royal George Hotel

Unofficially dubbed the king of daily deals, RG’s has a bounty of offers running Monday through Friday for all your treat night needs. 

Mondays and Tuesdays are all about Mexican meal deals, with $3 tacos, $4 burritos, and $12 margarita combos with your favourite Mexi bite! 

Wednesdays and Fridays have three crowd pleasers up for grabs - $7 steak, chips and salad, $7 barra, chips and salad, and an $11 steak and barra combo (with tasty $2 steak toppers available if you want that little extra somethin’)! 

Come Thursday, a burger, fries and basic drink combo is cheap as chips (more specifically, just $12). 

Osbourne Hotel 

With no special crawling above the $15 mark, Osbourne Hotel will let you have your chicken parmigiana and possibly eat two serves (they’re just $13 on Mondays!). Come back on Tuesdays for $15 rump steak, Wednesdays for $15 wings, and Thursdays for $15 bangers and mash. Don’t mind if we do. 

New York Slice 

The kind of justice America needs is found at New York Slice, with an $8.95 slice meal deal consisting of one massive slice, one garlic pizza slice and a can of soft drink. If your hunger is screaming ‘MORE. SLICES!’, grab any eight of your choosing for $29.95. New York, new me. 


Happy Hour is from 5-7pm at Greaser, where $5 select beers and house spirits alongside every burger on the menu dropping to $10 each is set to put a smile on your dial (and then some)! 

Heya Bar 

Grinding hard to get that dough? Flash your hospitality card at Heya Bar every Monday to get 25% off listed menu prices! 

Beirne Lane 

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Beirne Lane’s epic weeknight specials? Try to contain your excitement (or not), as each of the following specials are just $14! Dining in on Mondays will get you 1kg chicken wings, followed by a katsu sando and chips on Tuesdays, flank steak and chips on Wednesdays, and katsu parmy and chips on Thursdays. 

Finn McCool’s 

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is really just Finn McCool’s weekly specials, and you can’t be mad at that. Head in on Mondays for either Irish stew, bangers and mash, chicken curry, or beef and Guinness pie for just $9.90! Mill back on Tuesdays for $9.90 parmy, Wednesdays for $11.90 rump steak or $17.90 rib fillet, and Thursdays for cheeky 50c chicken wings! 

Holey Moley

Feeling a hole in your social life thanks to uni? Take a breather every Thursday night, where showing your valid student ID is good for cheap games and $10 pizzas! Sounds a whole lot better than pretending to study… 

Personally, we haven’t seen a grocery store since starting this article…