Summer’s almost here and the Valley’s best new restaurants have been hard at work creating bold, creative and unbelievably tasty dishes to push the limits of your palate this festive season.

It’s the season to grab your friends and head out on a Valley dining adventure, so here’s a list of must-eats to guide you on your way this summer.

The Shilling Meal at Beirne Lane 

Everybody’s got time to check out the Valley’s new favourite drinking hot spot, Beirne Lane, because, well, they never close. There’s plenty of worthy treats for your tastebuds on this menu, but none with the love and history of their signature dish, ‘“The Shilling Meal’. Feast on freshly shucked oysters, a rib eye steak and onion rings with horseradish, with a clotted cream cannoli for dessert. It really is the house of the people.

Miso poached chicken at Little Valley 

Since opening, Little Valley has stepped out of the shadow of big brother restaurant, Rick Shores, to become a must-stop for any fans of modern Chinese dining. Their success is thanks to dishes like the miso poached chicken salad with black fungus, chicken skin and peanuts. If you haven’t been to Little Valley yet, you’re missing out!

Crab bao-ger at B. Lucky & Sons 

Good fortune awaits all those who enter B. Lucky & Sons, a luxury bar set against a sea of colourful arcade games in the iconic TCB building. Chinatown has loads of great places to grab a scrumptious bao but B. Lucky & Sons is the only one dishing out a soft shell mud crab bao-ger. A creation this ingenious has to be seen (then tasted) to be believed.

Ceviche at X Cargo  

XCargo has spent the last few months proving to everyone that they were well worth the wait. Discover for yourself the flavour punches packed by the chefs at XCargo by trying the #ceviche. Made with fresh snapper, avocado, citrus, coriander, jalapeno and served with blue corn chips, it’s a citrusy seafood explosion like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Panko mushrooms at I Like Ramen 

Still proud to be Australia’s first 100% vegan ramen joint, I Like Ramen has carved out its position as a top contender for the best ramen in the Valley. There’s more to I Like Ramen than meets the eye however, so you really should try the panko mushrooms for an unexpected surprise. These deep-fried, crumbed mushroom pieces dusted with sour cream and onion seasoning and served with garlic aioli (cashew-based) prove that I Like Ramen doesn’t just like ramen.

Even the most well-eaten foodie has some exciting, new dishes to discover in the Valley this summer.