Far from playing it by ear, the precinct has mapped out a six-month-long lineup of mini-festivals on the first Saturday of every month, featuring stunning vocalists and delightful acoustics gigs as their fresh Valley Fiesta Spring and Summer program.

On Saturday 7 September, prepare to see Brunswick Street Mall come alive with music from a number of great local artists, with the first to take the stage being rising star Elizabeth.

Having previously gained fame as the lead singer and songwriter of Melbourne indie band Totally Wild, Elizabeth’s musical aesthetic and skills have only grown with time. In fact, her performance in the Valley marks a fresh start to coincide with a soon-to-be-released album, The Wonderful World of Nature.

After Elizabeth comes a fellow indie singer of pop persuasion, Georgie Neilsen. A triple j favourite, Georgie has made a niche for herself performing both solo and as the frontwoman of the band The Growing Pains.

From pop to psychedelic, the next act will be Sasha McLeod under her new and exciting musical project, Sycco, followed by three more exciting Australian groups (Donny Love, FeelsClub, and Sydney’s eclectic duo Greenwave Beth).

Can’t make it to the September edition? Valley Fiesta Spring and Summer programming will be in the precinct on the first Saturday of every month until February! 

Before these acts hit the big time, be sure to catch them at September’s Valley Fiesta Spring and Summer showcase on 7 September between 1pm and 7pm in the Brunswick Street Mall.