After last year’s final (and very large) celebrations, you might have made a self-promise to enter 2019 with a fresh outlook on life… well, at least for a week. 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a ‘new year, new you’ cheat-sheet to help kickstart your resolutions, giving you plenty of time sit back with a super-green smoothie and start planning your first point of attack. 

XRcise Room 

Join your fellow fitness resolution friends at XRcise Room and kick box your goals into overdrive. With plenty of trainers, equipment and classes, the road to a strong or slender summer body will be easier than riding a Lime Scooter (it’s harder than it looks). You’ll be #fitspo in no time. 


Spend less time surfing the web and surf the waves instead, while you take a camping trip by the beach! Kathmandu will lay out everything you need to get out more, from the tent to travel packs and even a fun garden bowls set, because nothing beats the graphics of a real life game. 

Tym Guitars

Every year is the year of the guitar at Tym Guitars, but 2019 is your time to shine. Grab a guitar, get all the accessories you need, and you’ll be putting on a must-see living room show for your pets in no time at all.

Juice Energy

Juice is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce at Juice Energy. Gourmet salads, gourmet wraps and rolls, and healthy, hearty soups are also up for grabs alongside freshly squeezed juices and jam-packed smoothies.

Not Another Salon

A haircut and the new year go hand in hand. Put your trust in the one-woman-wonder at Not Another Salon down budding California Lane, who won’t let you leave with anything less than a genuinely satisfying colour and cut. You’re in good hands. 

I Like Ramen 

Clean eating is easy with a venue’s worth of veggies! Plant-based eatery, I Like Ramen, naturally lives up to its name with stellar ramen, alongside bites including agedashi tofu and “duck” bao. You won’t just like it, you’ll love it. 

Institute of Modern Art

Hobby Saturdays are the new black, with hands-on workshops and fun events held every precious weekend at Institute of Modern Art. Keep up to date with what’s on here, and get ready to Gogh.

Corporate Box Gym 

Take a break from Thai food and take up Muay Thai! Your new favourite hobby lives at Corporate Box Gym, where you’ll be taught all the tricks (and kicks) of the trade. Now that’s thinking outside the box. 

You’ve got this - now go get it!