Does this spark joy? 

Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her simple yet strong mantra, and two young Aussies have responded with one big, delicious “yes”, manifested into Fortitude Valley’s latest unique restaurant. You won’t be throwing this one to the bottom of your to-eat list any time soon - or ever!

With the newly-opened restaurant named after this year’s signature feeling, we can confirm that joy. successfully sparks it up at their blissful Bakery Lane hole-in-the-wall space! 

After its soft-opening in early March, passers-by and those eagerly awaiting what was to come were thrilled by popping in to joy. for morning coffee and cinnamon rolls, while being able to take a peek at minimalistic features making way for an eye-catching graffiti statement wall (pink and blue is the new black). 

Now that the restaurant has happily jumped on board, joy. is creating a cultural culinary mix with Japanese-inspired service style and Australian-fusion dishes. Open for dinner every Wednesday to Sunday, it’s destined to be the cause behind a lot of smiling faces leaving the Valley after an inescapable food coma kicks in. 

The 10-seater restaurant provides an intimate experience between diners and the two chefs, Tim and Sarah Scott, who cut out the middle man by serving guests their dishes first-hand. 

joy.’s menu will continuously change, keeping your dinner adventures always exciting and never mundane. For a taste of what to expect, we’ve seen the likes of confit cuttlefish with zucchini and herbs, seared scallops with corn milk, sour pumpkin, quinoa and kaffir lime, and white chocolate and matcha, mandarin and quinoa arrive fresh from the kitchen across two glorious menu options.

Short and long menus are a go, each slightly varying in price (from $75 - $110 not including add-ons) with the option to add a wine pairing or non-alcoholic pairing. If you have dietary requirements, just let the team know upon making your reservation and they’ll happily cater to your needs! 

Open your calendar up to this one-of-a-kind, omakase-style experience and book away here