If you want an underground mixtape of Asia’s Greatest Hits, I think we’ve found the restaurant for you. Umami is a delightful hidden gem in Fortitude Valley’s Chinatown Mall district that doesn’t play by geographical rules – one glance over its innovative menu and you’ll see highlights from China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam,

This all-time favourite, tapas and cocktail bar is a celebration of Asian fare with a palette-tingling focus on the elusive “fifth taste”, after salt, sweet, sour and bitter comes umami. Umami is that irresistible savoury sensation that can turn everyday ingredients into something truly magical, and we’re lucky enough to have discovered it in our own backyard.

When you’re in the mood for mouth-watering bao or a selection of authentic and delicious dumplings and Yum Cha items, you’ll be amazed by the different elements that are neatly packed into each dish. Vegetarians and vegans are also well catered for with plenty of options on offer. With such a diverse range of cuisine, it’s easy for a large group with different tastes and dietary requirements to satisfy their cravings at Umami.

The décor in this place is wild. Neon signs and pop-art features light the way to comfortable tables where you instantly sense that you’re in for something special. A wall of waving cats smiles back at you as you take in the chic aesthetic and enjoy the outstanding service.

Experience the unbelievable flavour combinations for yourself and wash it all down with kitschy-cute cocktails that are destined to be Insta-famous. Signature cocktails include the Umami Espresso Martini topped with a flame-torched condensed-milk foam, the mystical Smoking Eye of the Dragon which comes served in a smoking teapot, and the tangy Gai-Gin Mule served with Brookvale Union alcoholic ginger beer.

Exquisite meals aside, the drinks and buzzing atmosphere are a major highlight, making Umami the ideal location for catching up with friends. We recommend Umami for casual dinners, special occasions and afterwork drinks. The kitchen is open late on weekends, so get your munchies fix here with superior snacks after a night out in the vibrant Fortitude Valley.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/umamibrisbane/

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Email: info@umamirestaurant.com.au

Bookings: booking@umamirestaurant.com.au

Shop 2, 624 Ann Street, Chinatown Mall Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006. Entrance at the top of China Town Mall

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07 3257 3300