Kathryn Walsh took a close look at the fashion industry around the world and realised that something drastic needed to change. She had long had the idea of merging a studio space with a retail store to bridge the growing divide between maker and consumer. Enter Practice Studio

The combined studio and retail space in the heart of Winn Lane is dedicated to showcasing emerging designers whose creations are both sustainable and ethical, whilst re-imagining fashion’s potential and supporting the next wave of conscious creators and consumers. 

Another of Walsh’s passions that shines through at Practice is the reduction of disposable products. She believes consumers should “buy less, buy better” and extends that motto to the shop floor and beyond. By offering alterations and mending of garments in-store, Practice encourages us to look after what we have, and work towards a more sustainable future. 

A freelance designer, seamstress and academic in her own right, Walsh had long dreamed of starting Practice Studio during her university days. She sees pop-ups as the way forward for small brands, and sees the Valley’s Winn Lane as a perfect “maker-focused network” for her to share her dedication with others. 

Winn Lane is slightly off the beaten track, and Walsh appreciates that it means people have to look to find Practice. She sees the lane as a supportive place to try new things and see passions come to fruition.  

Sustainability, creativity and passion are in practice at Kathryn Walsh’s Practice Studio at 5 Winn Lane – drop by for a locally-made garment, clothing alteration or repair, or unique gift today!