First, a whisky primer. When is a whisky not a whiskey? If your dram hails from Scotland, Japan, Canada or Australia, it’s spelled ‘whisky’, while an Irish or US bourbon-style spirit is a ‘whiskey’. Then there’s the difference between a single malt, grain or blended whisky, and whether it’s sacrilege to drink it on the rocks or with a drop of water, rather than neat.
To make the most of your pour and palate, order a whisky pack or bottled cocktail from the Valley’s dedicated whisky den, Savile Row, or do some whisky tastings at home.  And “slàinte mhath” (“cheers” in Gaelic) for World Whisky Day on 16 May.
Savile Row
Named for the renowned London street of dapper gentlemen’s outfitters, this vintage speakeasy is similarly timeless in style with a 500-strong whisky offering. Have the premium experience at home with a choice of six whisky packs, or shake it up with a bottled whisky cocktail. Order your tipple via the Facebook or Instagram page and pick up at Ann Street from 3 to 7pm daily. Whisky packs include three 30ml drams of American, Japanese, rare, staff favourites, Islay or sherry bomb. Or if your tastes run more to cocktails, order an Old Fashioned or Bitter Rider – we’ll drink to that!
Valley Wine Shop
Head here to DIY your own whisky tastings at home – the Valley Wine Shop is open from 10am to midnight daily. With a huge range of whiskies from around the world on offer, ask the knowledgeable staff for their top picks – we even spied Game of Thrones limited edition bottles of Mortlach single malt scotch whisky on the shelves. After all, winter is coming…

— May 2020