From the ‘burbs of Brisbane to the backlots of Burbank, California, Becky Lucas is taking on the world. A young veteran of the comedy circuit, Becky has spent years writing and performing stand-up and counts among her career highlights a US television debut on Conan, a solo show at Sydney Opera House, performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Montreal Festival and getting booted off Twitter for threatening to chop off the Prime Minister’s head.

These days, you can catch her on Instagram or back in her hometown where she’s appearing at Brisbane Comedy Festival. Becky debuts her new solo stand-up show, My Neck, My Back, (10-15 March) as well as Is This Art? (13-15 March) a two-hander with frequent collaborator Cameron James.

Fave Valley Bar
Ric’s! It’s been a while since I’ve been there but every time I’m in town I go and reminisce. It has almost zero charm but back in the day everyone I knew was there and I could continue to make the same mistakes every weekend. 

Fave Valley Café/Restaurant
I went to a place called The New Black recently and it was great. Otherwise, I love to eat at a little known place called McDonald’s. Try it, it’s delicious. 

Fave Valley Live Music Venue
The Tivoli! Love that joint. 

Fave Valley Store/Retailer
Does the 7-Eleven count? In terms of how much I go there and how vital it is to me, then yes, that is my favourite store. No one judges you there, they’ve seen it all! 

Fave Valley Memory
When I was 15 I had a crush on a musician who I knew would sometimes busk at the Saturday Valley Markets. I asked my parents if I could go into town alone and I spent all day walking up and down looking for him, but he never showed. I walked so long and obviously with such passion that I got really bad chafe and had to spend that Saturday night with a cool pack on my inner thighs to ease the burn. God, I’m cool. 

— March 2020