Ever wondered why bacon makes everything taste better? Turns out it’s actually true and even the venerable Smithsonian institution has weighed into the conversation. Bacon has six ingredients infused with umami – the fifth flavour that’s all about savoury, meaty deliciousness – and highly addictive to boot. It’s no wonder there’s no fakin’ with bacon!

To celebrate International Bacon Day on Saturday 5 September, here’s where to pig out on the best bacon dishes in the Valley:

Cheesy burger with candied bacon at Ben’s Burgers

Ben’s Burgers is known for doing three kinds of burgers – no substitutes – but they’ll make an exception for bacon lovers. Get your sweet-salty fix with candied bacon on a cheesy burger for lip-smacking satisfaction.

Junk Yard hotdog at Brooklyn Depot Express

The Junk Yard dog at Valley newcomer Brooklyn Depot Express takes your classic hotdog – a taut wiener sausage with caramelised onion and mustard sauce – and ups the ante with fries, cheese sauce and a smattering of crispy bacon bits. It’s just enough and oh-so much at the same time.

BAE burger at Paradise Fortitude Valley

If you lurve bacon, you’ll fall in love with BAE – salty bacon, a sunnyside-up egg, creamy hollandaise, sliced avo, sharp cheddar and scattered baby spinach leaves on a sesame seed milk bun. Yep, you’ve just found Paradise in the Valley.

Bacon and egg slab at No. 5 Cafe

With whole boiled eggs and chunky slices of bacon ensconced in eggy quiche pastry goodness, the generous-sized bacon and egg slab is the breakfast-style quiche of your dreams. 

Dinki Di pizza at Laruche Pizza

Since when did bacon get bumped for fancy hams on pizza? Luckily there’s the Dinki Di. Like breakfast on your pizza, it’s cheesy with strips of crispy bacon, sliced tomatoes, spinach and grated potato with a sunnyside egg cracked right on top.

Traditional hotdog with bacon at 5Dogs

You know what goes great with a hotdog? Bacon. Custom-design your classic frankfurter, sauerkraut, cheese, fried onions, ketchup and mustard in a bun with bacon for the ultimate in crispy, salty satisfaction.

Chilli bacon and cheese bagel at Reverends Fine Coffee & Bar

We know, we know – bacon on a bagel? Groundbreaking. But Reverends smoked bacon, cheese and spinach on a white bread bagel slathered with the zingy tang of pineapple chilli sauce is like spring has sprung on your taste buds.


Image source: Ben's Burgers

– September 2020