The Fortitude Music Hall is bringing new life and big-name acts to Brisbane from Friday 26 July, and it’s sweet, sweet music to our ears! 

An entertainment precinct that Brisbane has been begging for is coming to fruition in Fortitude Valley’s Brunswick Street Mall, filling the void left by the iconic Festival Hall, when it closed its Charlotte Street doors in 2003. 

Now bigger and better than ever, The Fortitude Music Hall will pay homage to ghosts of gigs past by staying true to Brisbane’s classic art deco theatres designed in the ‘80s, whilst keeping current with modern architectural twists (and systems, of course).

Brisbane’s new premier live music destination will double as a mixed retail and special events space, with a capacity of 3300 filling a gap in the market and giving audiences more live experiences to enjoy in the heart of the entertainment precinct.

Venue director John Collins highlighted the importance of a venue of this magnitude being brought to the heart of Brisbane: “If you go and play in Sydney, Melbourne or across the world there are beautiful old theatres you can play in. There’s the Olympia in Dublin, or the Apollo in London - just these beautiful theatres, and we don’t have any. The idea is to create that sort of feeling.”

The Fortitude Music Hall is already hitting the right notes with music lovers across the city, with two sold-out shows up its sleeve even before eager eyes take a peek at the finished space! 

If you missed out on tickets to the launch or metalcore moguls Architects, fear not as A) they’ll likely be back to this legendary new venue, and B) the rest of this year’s lineup is jam-packed with renowned musicians taking to the stage every week!

Over the next few months, expect to see Grinspoon, Skeggs, Hermitude, James Morrison, Apocalyptica and more break in The Fortitude Music Hall. If that’s just the start of this venue’s career (already huge), we can’t wait to see who rocks up next!

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Meet you in the mosh.