With Brisbane’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week racing around the corner, we’re dusting off our streetwear and gunning for best dressed. While we may not always have a style that Anna Wintour would approve, this year we’re heading to the Valley’s best fashion boutiques to get runway ready.

Don your power pants, we’re joining the festivities with a whole new wardrobe from the Valley.

House of Ezis

Glamour is just the beginning at House of Ezis, and you’ll probably get into the after party if you frock up to the red carpet in one of their gorgeous gowns. With everything from avant garde florals to slinky strapless numbers, this boutique is a must when it comes to elegance.

Phoebe Paradise

Turn heads when you step out on the town in a colourful print jacket or custom-made pants from Phoebe Paradise. With hand-made designs, you can be certain your clothes are one-of-a-kind, and you’ll stand out in the best way with their quirky jewellery.


The answer to Fashion Week, Akira’s sights are set on high fashion with unique outfits that’ll have everyone asking who you’re wearing. Sheer shirts, frills and innovative wears are all part of the experience, and don’t even get us started on their jackets. Akira, so hot right now.


As the name suggests, you’ll feel like a princess when you’re draped in a stunning dress from Principessa. Step aside Meghan Markle, a new member of royalty is coming through – and they’re wearing an iridescent gown to rival any Met Gala attendee.

Sen Studio

Ever wonder how fashionistas get around in their extravagant items? Experience the comfortable side of style at the humble Sen Studio, with beautiful clothes crafted from linen and silk. Whether you’re after a flowy skirt or a rescuing a second-hand blouse, they’ve got what you need.

Empire Dolls

Who says you shouldn’t buy a new outfit for every event? Not Empire Dolls, that’s for sure. Stocking a stunning range of cocktail dresses and other items, you’ll never run out of new looks.

Want to be the next Miranda Kerr? You’ve come to the right place.