We’ve all been there  – it’s late and you’re hanging out for a life-changing feed when you realise you have no idea where to go. Fear no more! When you’re in the Valley ‘til the wee hours, there’s no limit to the delicious meals you can sink your teeth into. We’ve rounded up our top picks for late-night eateries where you can satisfy your hunger well past usual closing time:

Nom Nom Korean Eatery

No late night is complete without a serious craving for fries, but have you tried kimchi fries? Nestled in the intimate and oh-so-cute Bakery Lane, Nom Nom Korean Eatery is adored by Valley-goers for its Korean-Japanese fusion street food flavour sensations. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy pork buns, crispy chicken wings or even bibimbap, the chefs at Nom Nom will cure your cravings.

Ling Lings Bar & Late Night Restaurant

Living up to its name as Brisbane’s home of late-night Asian cuisine, head down the stairs to Ling Lings when you require after-hours sustenance. Keep the party going with an array of street food delicacies such as barbecue pork buns, finger-lickin’ good karaage chicken and fluffy bao. Paired with teapot or soup bowl cocktails, we like Ling Lings a lot!

Mad Burger Fortitude Valley

When a stacked burger is on your mind and nothing else will do, take yourself to Mad Burger on Duncan Street. If the massive menu is too overwhelming to contemplate at midnight, we recommend the Boston beef burger with crispy bacon and avo, or the New York Classic fried chicken burger will do the trick.

Greaser Bar

Part of The Prince Consort quarter (formerly the Elephant Hotel), you might accidentally stumble into Greaser’s underground location after a big night out. Fortunately, it’s exactly the sort of place you want to stumble upon, especially when late-night hunger hits. Head down the stairs and order a Greaser Cheeseburger served with crinkle-cut chips for peak greasy goodness.

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles

When you absolutely feel like you could murder a burger, Hashtag Burgers & Waffles on Brunswick Street is the only way to go. These seriously stacked burgers will be your BFF before the stumble home, which is just as well as it might get a bit messy with the likes of the Double Down and Mack Me Daddy burgers.   


Tucked away from the Brunswick Street Mall on Alden Street, Honto is your late-night respite for refined dining. With the kitchen open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, this is the spot to book ahead and treat yourself to a Japanese-Australian share plate menu after a night out.

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O

When you’re feeling ravenous after raving all night, Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O comes to the rescue with a delish late-night menu of tasty Italian antipasti and pasta accompanied by equally tasty beats. Wine and dine and curb your carb cravings with generous serves of saucy spaghetti, mac ‘n’ cheese or meatballs at this pasta bar that’s open until the wee hours. Now that’s amore!

Beirne Lane

Late-night dining ‘til 3am? No worries with Beirne Lane in the TCB Building. Swing by for the bar menu that includes everything from small plates to steaks and hearty main meals ‘til late (or early, depending on your perspective!). For a tip-top midnight feast, we recommend any of the katsu sandwiches slathered with Japanese mayo and plenty of beer-battered chips.

Bloodhound Corner Bar & Kitchen

Known for its massive selection of local and international craft brews, Bloodhound Bar & Kitchen also has skin in the game when it comes to late-night eats. Order a moreish burger meal with fries and added mayo, or tackle a trio of tacos to soak up a night of revelry. There’s also a tight edit of sides such as jalapeño poppers and halloumi fries that you’ll absolutely want to add on.


If you find yourself lost in the Valley and dying for a late-night pizza, then local dive bar Tomcat is definitely for you. Head upstairs off Wickham Street to this #notastripclub and order pepperoni pizza by the slice or if you’re hungry enough, chow down on the whole 15-inch pie.

New York Slice Pizzeria

New York Slice Pizzeria has two convenient Valley locations to satisfy your cheesy cravings – 360 Brunswick Street and the corner of Wickham Street and the Brunswick Street Mall. The foldable, thin-crust pizza is served hot to you in 90 seconds so you can bounce on to the next club, or call it a night and head home satisfied.

Shah Cafe Kebab-Pizza

It wouldn’t be a late-night eats list if we didn’t mention the kebab, right? Conveniently located on Brunswick Street Mall, Shah Cafe Kebab-Pizza attracts hungry Valley-goers for good reason. Their authentic and delicious doner kebabs are second to none, and the vegetarian pizza also does not disappoint. Whether you opt for a kebab or pizza, you can’t go wrong!

Tatsu Ramen and Gyoza Bar

Head to this Chinatown Mall eatery for a slurp-tastic array of hot ramen to sop up your late-night shenanigans. Go for hot and spicy bowls of ramen, deep-fried and grilled faves, or chow down on gyoza to fortify you into the night.

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant
Freshly wokked Chinese and spicy Malaysian dishes and a no-frills, welcoming atmosphere have made Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant & Noodle Bar the go-to location for Friday and Saturday night banquets. The Wickham Street restaurant is a vibe on the weekend with plenty of revellers fuelling up for a big night out.
Lord of the Fries

Vegans in need of a late-night fast food fix have not been forgotten – Lord of the Fries on Brunswick Street serves up plant-based eats ‘til the early hours for weekend revellers. Smash a delish hotdog, burger, tacos or fries after a night out in Fortitude Valley without compromising your meat-free diet.

Thai Wi-Rat
Spice up your Friday and Saturday nights with the night food menu available 'til late at Thai Wi-Rat restaurant on the Brunswick Street Mall. Snack on dim sims, steamed pork buns and satay sticks, or fuel up with quick meals such as Thai and Laotian creamy curry and rice and stir-fried noodles.


Image source: Greaser Bar

– January 2021