Not *technically* Irish?
Not to worry!
The Valley has everything you need to paint the town green this St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day 101
Held on 17 March, the annual religious and cultural feast day marks the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Sounds a little macabre but have you ever been to an Irish wake…? The hottest spot to toast St Paddy in the Valley is without a doubt Irish pub Finn McCool’s.

Eat like the Irish
Finn McCool’s pub menu pays homage to its Celtic roots with homestyle dishes such as McDonnells chicken curry served with vegetables, rice and hot chips and a classic Bangers and Mash with farmers market pork and herb sausages, garden peas, caramelised onion and heaps of rich gravy. Crowd favourite Beef and Guinness Pie also graces the menu with slow-cooked beef, served inside a crumbly pastry shell with creamy mashed potatoes, garden peas and gravy.

Drink like the Irish
There’s more to Ireland than Guinness (although if that’s your jam, we won’t judge!) and Finn McCool’s serves frosty pints of a variety of traditional ales. It also stocks a selection of top-shelf Irish whiskies and whips up a mean green cocktail or two.

Dress like the Irish
Irish folklore says green attire is the go because leprechauns can’t see people dressed in that colour so won’t try to pinch them!
Elevate your outfit with a trip to Dollars & Sense in McWhirters for some on-theme memorabilia, from leprechaun hats to shamrock-festooned accessories.

Party like the Irish
Why confine celebrations to just the one day? Finn McCool’s gets the party started on Saturday 14 March, throwing a St Patrick’s Day Parade after-party that will march on well into the night. On Paddy’s Day proper, festivities commence at 11am and Irish jig their way until the wee hours of the following day.

March 2020