Ceramics are so hot right now. 

Brisbane-based ceramics superstar, Bonnie Hislop, is bringing her talent to California Lane with a store’s worth of colourful, quirky ceramics! 

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Bonnie went from self-taught to trained at the Brisbane Institute of Art, and now passes on her knowledge and meticulously hand sculpted and painted vessels to the world. 

As for her signature style, Bonnie explains, “I would describe my work as fun and functional ceramics, colourful droplets of my imagination. I love earthy organic vibes, but this aesthetic is what my hands have always made naturally. There’s always a little bit of humour in there, and I do try to make sure that each piece makes a statement.” 

This is why you can expect to find the likes of rainbow cat mugs, vases decorated with pastel hearts and travel mugs turned statement pieces coated in green and pink leopard print in Bonnie’s new store. Drinking your instant coffee will never be boring again! 

Beside taking home her hard (and gorgeous) work, you can get your hands in the game with weekly Themed Thursday classes! 

Classic and chilled Thursday classes will allow you to get crafty with take-home ceramic travel mugs, with a portion of the cost going to environmental initiative One Tree Planted, partnered with deforestation organisations around the globe. 

“The travel coffee cups are available any time during shop opening hours for people to customise,” says Bonnie, “and they can even order a coffee from LTD Espresso while they paint!”

Bonnie’s passion for creating workshops that people will actually enjoy is strong. She says “the number one thing I hear when teaching classes and workshops is people thinking they aren’t creative. I tell them I don’t believe them, because I think sometimes this notion of creativity is put in a very narrow little box. Sometimes what you need first of all, whether you’re painting or making ceramics, is some basic skills and techniques. The ideas and ‘creativity’ will follow.”

We’re loving seeing the Valley come to life with diverse activities and offerings, and Bonnie is right up there with us: “I’m so excited to set up shop in California Lane. In my late teens I discovered Wynn Lane and it was a revelation to find that little pocket of tucked away charm. I’m a bit chuffed to be part of the ‘family’.”

Besides Thursday classes, Bonnie’s relaxed painting option will be available daily - visit her in California Lane today!