Got a craving for a satisfying-salty-savoury snack? Level up your snack game with some of the inspired offerings from the Valley’s independent grocers. From spicy chips to crunchy bite-size morsels and seasoned nibblies, you’ll find an array of flavours from around the world to treat your taste buds. Here’s some of our fave 3pm go-tos that you won’t find in your local supermarket chain!

For an eye-popping selection of snack foods, we can’t go past Best Friends Filipino Foods in McWhirters Centre. From crunchy pork chicharron (pork crackling) to fish and shrimp crackers, puffed corn snacks and a truly comprehensive range of cheesy chips, you’ll be in snack food heaven. There’s also a mouth-watering variety of vegetable and fruit chips, including banana and mushroom.
Free yourself from plain potato chips! The chip flavours available at Geeta Enterprises Indian Grocers (also in McWhirters Centre) will change your life. The emphasis here is on spice such as spicy crinkle-cut chips, onion puffs and India’s Magic Masala-flavoured Lay’s. And if you’re used to one style of bhuja mix, there’s more than 100 options in a dedicated aisle that will blow your mind!
The Valley has two Thai/Asian supermarkets filled to the brim with delectable snacks. Add to cart IRL at  The Valley Grocer on Little Street from the vast array of snackables. With chip flavours such as Nori Seaweed, Mala Barbecue, Salted Egg and even Crispy Butter Bread, it’s clear this is what has been missing from our snack stashes. Feeling adventurous? Try durian-flavoured Thai crispy rolls or freshly made chilli paste-covered pork crackling.
Lin & Co Thai Supermarket on Wickham Street also has a curated array of comestibles. The freshly made pork crackling snacks are so popular, they’re often gone by lunchtime so get in early. You’ll also find Lay’s chips in special Thai flavours as well as bite-size sweets such as tiny pineapple pies, maprow kaew (sweet coconut balls) and rice cakes.
Yuen’s Market is the OG Valley grocer – a sprawling labyrinth of supermarket aisles with entrances from Wickham Street and Chinatown Mall. From salty-sweet-sour dried fruit that will pucker your cheeks (in a good way!) to a huge selection of prawn crackers, chips and bite-size savoury biccies, you’ll be guaranteed to walk out with a tasty cornucopia of snacks.
– December 2020